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Vehicle and Traffic Law Points Guide

This information is ONLY a guide and is subject to change.
In New York State, convictions for speeding tickets and other moving violations carry points on your drivers license. Below is a guide to the points that correspond to selected moving violation.
Article Description Points
Speeding 1 to 10 mph over limit 3 points
Speeding 11 to 20 mph over limit 4 points
Speeding 21 to 30 mph over limit 6 points
Speeding 31 to 40 mph over limit 8 points
Speeding Over 40 mph over limit 11 points
Texting Texting While Driving 5 points
Cell Phone Use - Texting. 1st offense: minimum fine $50, maximum $150. 2nd offense within 18 months: $50 min., $200 max. 3rd or subsequent offense within 18 months: $50 min., $400 max. Surcharge can be up to $93. (Source: NYS DMV on or after 7/26/13)
Article Description Points
319 Uninsured Motorist (Mandatory Revocation)  
375 (1) Inadequate Brakes (Misdemeanor offense) 4 points
375 (3) Failure to Dim Headlights 2 points
375 (29a) Improper Towing/More Than One Vehicle 2 points
375 (29c) Connection Longer Than 16 Feet 2 points
375 (29d) No Licensed Driver in Towed Vehicle 2 points
381 (1a) Inadequate Brakes- Motorcycle 4 points
600 Leaving the Scene of an Accident 3 points
1102 Failure to Comply with a Lawful Order 2 points
1110 (a) Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device 2 points
1110 (a)(1) Passed Green Arrow 3 points
1111 (d)(1) Passed Red Light 3 points
1111 (a)(1) Passed Red Arrow 3 points
1120 (a) Failure to Keep Right 3 points
1122 Improper Lane Change 3 points
1122-a Overtaking a Bicycle 3 points
1123 (b) Left Pavement to Pass on Right 3 points
1124 Unsafe Passing 3 points
1125 (a)1 Drove to Left on Hillcrest or Curve 3 points
1127 (a) Drove Wrong Way on a One Way Street 3 points
1128 (a) Unsafe Lane Change 3 points
1129 (a) Following Too Closely (Tailgating) 4 points
1140 Failure to Yield Right of Way at Intersection 3 points
1141 Failure to Yield Right of Way--Oncoming Traffic 3 points
1143 Failure to Yield Right of Way--Pedestrians 3 points
1163 Failure to Signal Lane Change 2 points
1172 Failure to Stop for a School Bus 5 points
1174 Failure to Stop at Stop Sign or Flashing Red Light 3 points
1180 (a) Unreasonable/Imprudent Speed 3 points
1180 (b) Speeding  
  1 - 10 mph over speed limit 3 points
  11 - 20 mph over speed limit 4 points
  21 - 30 mph over speed limit 6 points
  31 - 40 mph over speed limit (possible suspension) 8 points
  More than 40 mph over speed limit (possible suspension) 11 points
1212 Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor Offense) 5 points
1225(c) Improper Cell Phone Use 5 points
Cell Phone Use. Penalties for probationary and junior drivers with a Class DJ or MJ driver license or learner permit. 1st conviction will result in a suspension of the driver license or permit for 60 days. 2nd conviction within six months will result in a revocation of at least 6 months of a probationary license, or a revocation of at least 60 days for a Class DJ or MJ driver license or learner permit. Source: NYS DMV (
Article Description Points
1226 No Hands on Wheel or Steering Device 2 points
1229 (c)(3) No Seat Belt/Driver 0 points
1229 (c)(2)  Safety Restraint Violation Person Under 16 3 points
  Other Moving Violations 2 points
The New York Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend or revoke your license with 11 points for traffic convictions in a period of 18 months.
Driver Responsibility Assessment - If you receive six or more points on your New York State driving record in 18 months, you must pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee.

Out-of-State-Convictions - If you are convicted of a traffic violation in another state or country, points are not added to your New York State driving record, unless the violation occurred in Ontario or Quebec.
New York State has a reciprocal agreement with Quebec and Ontario. Traffic violation convictions that occur in these provinces are recorded on your New York State driver record, and the convictions have the same effect and carry the same points as convictions that occur in New York State. This can affect your driver violation point total and Driver Responsibility Assessment.